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get low, get low… get high

Posted on 03 Apr 2014 in Acting, Los Angeles, Wine, working | 0 comments

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Its been about six weeks since an entry and I’m now on my third, clearly – not the best blogger.

So, I’m ok with that.

Have felt gripped by a couple solid topics I deemed worthwhile for a blog entry but laziness slash the never-ending trips to Santa Monica for auditions, which I’m grateful for, but also make me want to die, skewed my momentum. Nonetheless, tonight, I feel full of compassion and wanted to talk about it.

The common thread I hear from most of my actor friends, those new and old to the game, is the tiresome up and down of it all, how to keep your sanity during said roller coaster, and figuring out ways to distract yourself with the rest of life and the world outside of the industry. In my experience this has always been a reality of the ‘lifestyle,’ if you will, but it gets so much headier and intense in LA faced with being in the epicenter of the film and television industry. We’re called upon to develop the thickest of skins and go into battle with it on and intact.

Also, LA is literally teeming with us warriors.

A few months ago during a low I titled Los Angeles as The City of Broken Dreams. Every small-town-USA beauty flocking here ready to spend their savings on expanding this Dream Tourism. Defined as  - the economy built upon taking these actors hard earned $$ for classes, of every kind imaginable, workshops, of every kind imaginable, pictures, botox, fillers, lasers, tans, nails, the latest fitness trend, raw foods, juices etc etc.

All to be… famous? Validated? Just plain LIKED? Hard to say, but important to define. I do believe that for most actors, especially those lifers, there really truly is nothing else that satiates us more then when we feel we’ve done ‘good work.’

I feel lucky and blessed to have found representation and to be auditioning frequently now but it also means dealing with that much more frequent rejection. Like, nearly every day. Every once in awhile something hits, woohoo! But its hard to remember that during all the days it doesn’t. I’m trying to take notice and pleasure in those times, they are meant to be enjoyed. Because being tough and handling rejection like a proper grown-up all the time is hard for this sensitive breed.