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In Reality…

Posted on 26 Feb 2014 in working | 0 comments

reality tv

About a week ago I got called into audition for a series regular in new reality tv show. Ahem. Now, I am generally not a fan of this genre and rarely watch/find it entertaining – save The Jersey Shore. I once watched three seasons while I was sick and jacked on cough syrup, musing and wildly appreciating the transparency of emotion the characters showed, there was NO filter, like watching children. Anyway, the paid work of Los Angeles isn’t knocking down my door so I figured if this worked out it might be better then getting “A Job.” Also, I’ve always been somewhat open to being on a reality show if it feel in my lap, seems fun to do everything once. Awhile back I was actually a finalist for a modeling spin-off show. After being flown to NY, signing a novel sized non-disclosure agreement, being literally locked in a hotel room and doing hours of psychological testing and interviews, I did not make the cut however, wah. But I tigress ;)

Fast forward to today, I get an email from casting that I was nearly chosen but in the end they went in another direction. I was surprised, I had a good audition – one of those improv ones where you just get to chat with the producers and be your old charming self without worrying about lines – but I *thought* I seemed so wrong for the role. And so different from all the other ladies in the waiting room, with their boobs/heels/black slink etc. but, maybe not! He assured me that though I didn’t get this one, I might be right for something else they’re casting and possible a walk-on role later in the spring. Thats right, you can be hired as a day player in reality television. Nothing is actually ‘real’ about it at all, I’m learning. In conclusion, if this dorky grin isn’t working for me on the studio lots that my wonderful new manager is getting me auditions on, perhaps my fate will lead me towards other, weirder things. Ha! Hopefully something interesting enough to inspire a blog entry.