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Posted on 03 Feb 2014 in Portland, Travel, Wine | 0 comments



Just came back from my first trip back to PDX since moving to LA. It made me feel more homeless then I did before I left (a specific prevalent feeling I work to manage at least once a week. More on what that means in another entry).
Woke up this morning feeling sad to leave Dave and sad to return to this anonymous state of perpetual questioning… The MAX (lovely and affordable public transportation provided by the city of Portland) broke down on my ride to the airport and I almost hoped I would miss my flight, just for the excuse to stay a few days longer. Not that I had anything to do, just some hormonal waffling. No such luck, or perhaps it was lucky, very lucky, that didn’t happen. However, my mood swings, which happen with more frequency when traveling, and menstruating, need to go down in order to notice when they come back up. In the midst of my whimsy at the airport I forgot my iPad at a kiosk, only to have it returned by a a little boy, who single-handedly restoring my faith in humanity! Then, I got assigned an aisle seat in an exit row, and the airline I was flying – jetBlue – ┬áhad free wifi, sirius radio and cable tv. I drank a single serve bottle of cheap merlot to celebrate. Why the eff not.